We Love NAV

A product that we love to recommend to our clients is NAV which stands for New Aged Veneers.

If you are after a beautiful timber grain finish on your cabinetry, NAV is the way to go. There are many gorgeous colours and selections that we love to get creative with!

Our go-to products from NAV are from the NavUrban and NavCore range, and our favourite product to recommend is Modulo by Screenwood.

Modulo by Screenwood is a fan favourite. We have used it on the front of kitchen island benches, and on walls. It is a jaw dropping feature. There are 10 different profiles to choose from where you can mix and match with any of the NavUrban colours.

In our Design studio we have NAV products on display. If you wish to get hands on, come visit our studio and have a feel of the textures and view the colours. Otherwise check out their website.

Below are some projects where was have used NAV, as well as some images from NAVs website to get an idea of what can be achieved.

NavUrban Byron Black Butt

NavCore – Byron Black Butt

Modulo Panel by Screenwood –  Batten and Groove 50 in the colour NavUrban Balmoral

NavCore – Gum Flat

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